We Provide Growth Equity To Founders that...

  • Are gritty
  • Are coachable (welcome input/advice)
  • Are capital efficient (usually bootstrapped their company since founding)
  • Are focused on generating profit/cash-flow (and not purely top-line revenue growth)
  • Believe in smart capital efficient growth (creating a long lasting company)
  • Are visionaries in their industry
  • Thing BIG!

We Invest in Innovative Companies that...

  • Are "under the radar" and often not considered "VC-Backable"
  • Are misunderstood and underestimated 
  • Have a proven core business model
  • Have high gross margins, have recurring revenue, and are cash flow break-even or already profitable
  • Have raised little to no outside equity capital to-date and should need little or no capital in the future
  • Have an opportunity to scale core business efficiently and relatively easily AND enter new business lines that could eventually surpass the current core business line
  • Develop best-in-class software critical to their company's long-term success and competitive advantage
  • Are building a company worth buying and have potential acquirers in many sub-sectors

Why Mavin Ventures is Different than Typical Venture Capital or Private Equity Firms:

  • We are founders, entrepreneurs, and operators that have already scaled companies on multiple occasions
  • We genuinely enjoy helping founders grow as individuals/professionals
  • We want to help the Mid-Atlantic region (especially Baltimore) become a leading startup "hub" that will become the envy of other regions in the US/World
  • We have an expansive network of entrepreneurs and experienced operators in numerous different sectors to call upon if needed 
  • We are grinders that want to roll up our sleeves and help founders
  • We typically develop relationships and trust with founders and assist them over a period of time (6+ months) before considering an investment
  • We only invest in companies that can benefit from our expertise, skill sets, network, and background

How We Help Our Companies:

  • We will step in and perform the following roles on a daily basis for our portfolio companies for as long as it makes sense:
    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Chief Operating Officer
    • Chief Marking Officer
    • Head of Business Development/Sales
  • When we aren't working for our portfolio companies on a daily basis, we will still be very active with them. Here are some of the ways we help them:
    • Business Development
    • Develop banking relationships
    • Develop relationships with VC/PE firms (if more equity capital is needed than we can provide)
    • Develop relationships with potential acquirers 
    • Recruit top talent (via our networks in the region)
    • Build a strong Board of Directors and Board of Advisors
    • Devise a strategy for geographic expansion
    • Optimize product strategy
    • Ramp up sales force
    • etc., etc., etc.

We are ENTREPRENEUR led, not INVESTOR led.  You won’t find any "seagull management" (someone that flies in, makes a lot of noise, craps on everything then flies off again leaving a big mess behind) here. But know that we’ve walked in your shoes as entrepreneurs and operators in our own right. We know how to deliver advice that is practical, useful and actionable. We’re not afraid to work hard. So when you need help; we’ll be glad to jump in and lend a hand.